Juilliard’s new eLearning initiative offers music courses nationwide

Posted on: March 19, 2013

A report in Tuesday’s (3/19) Jackson Sun (Tennessee) states, “The Juilliard School announced on Monday a new series of kindergarten through 12th-grade online music courses available to students nationwide. The initiative is called Juilliard eLearning and is powered by Connections Education. Connections will offer new arts education courses to more than 40,000 K-12 students enrolled in its national network. It will offer classes to educational institutions and directly to students and adults. During a live-streaming press event, Joseph Polisi, president of The Juilliard School, said school officials are anticipating primarily high school students to be enrolled, although the program is for elementary and middle school students as well. The online learning program will offer advanced course offerings such as advanced placement music theory. … The online learning component is not yet iPad or tablet compatible yet, but Juilliard officials said that is something they’re looking into as they move forward. In addition to music, Polisi said the school is open to the possibility of expanding online course offerings in drama and dance.”

Posted March 19, 2013