Oregon Symphony plans week of informal concerts

Posted on: March 27, 2013

“Week after week the musicians of the Oregon Symphony play in formal wear on a stage in front of thousands of people,” writes David Stabler in Saturday’s (3/23) Oregonian (Portland). “But in May, that will change. For one week, the players will break out of their concert shell and perform free, informal concerts at several locations around the Portland area. The musicians want listeners to toss etiquette out the window. Not all etiquette. Don’t expect to stand on your chair and sing along. But you will be encouraged to take photos, tweet, text and clap anytime the spirit moves you. … Called ‘Classical Up Close,’ the weeklong series includes six evening concerts and a couple of ‘blitz’ concerts each day. … The idea for the series began after the Oregon Symphony canceled its return to Carnegie Hall in May because the trip was too expensive. That opened a free week for the musicians. … They decided to give more concerts. Expect to hear small groups of two, three, four and more musicians playing some of their favorite chamber music, an activity they enjoy because it offers an intimacy different from their orchestra work.”

Posted March 27, 2013