North Carolina Symphony’s statewide education mission

Posted on: April 2, 2013

Friday (3/28) on the Philanthropy Journal, Jill Warren Lucas writes, “When patrons of the North Carolina Symphony gather in Raleigh’s elegant Meymandi Hall, they might find that the music rapturously transports them to distant places or recalls long-forgotten childhood memories. They may even close their eyes and imagine themselves on stage, drawing a bow and feeling the vibrations lift sound from the strings, or bashing the cymbals to climactic applause. Stirring the imagination of music lovers is not merely a good return on the price of admission; it is a key measure of the 80-year-old organization’s mission. As the first orchestra in the U.S. to receive continuous state funding, thanks to the ‘Horn Tootin’’ bill of 1943, the North Carolina Symphony is required to provide a significant portion of its resources to outreach and education. This mandate is demonstrated in free performances at public schools and town halls in all 100 counties. … The North Carolina Symphony’s commitment to educational outreach is well known and highly regarded, says Judith Kurnick, vice president for strategic communications at the League of American Orchestras. … ‘Over the years, orchestras have learned that the best way for arts education to stick is for an active experience, like seeing a live performance,’ Kurnick adds. ‘It really changes lives. It deserves all the positive attention that people can afford.’ ”

Posted April 2, 2013