Philadelphia Orchestra English hornist has local roots

Posted on: April 5, 2013

Friday (4/5) on the Chestnut Hill Local news site, Michael Caruso writes, “Local classical music lovers who regularly attend concerts given by the Philadelphia Orchestra often have the pleasure of hearing the dulcet tones of an English horn in an extended, exposed solo in the middle of a large orchestral work. Those who recognize that poignant, plaintive sound do so as a result of the hands and the breath of a Chestnut Hill native. Since 1995, the Philadelphia Orchestra’s English hornist has been Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia. She succeeded Louis Rosenblatt after his retirement. She had studied privately with Rosenblatt before attending the Curtis Institute of Music. … ‘Having my roots here in Philadelphia has been so helpful and important,’ she said. ‘I grew up as a child and as a musician hearing the sound of this orchestra in my ear. It’s that special sound that makes this such a distinctive orchestra, along with the passion and technique, and that is appreciated all over the world.’ … The principal focus of Elizabeth’s excitement as a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra is the players’ experiencing their first full season with Yannick Nezet-Seguin as their music director. ‘He has exceeded all of our expectations,’ she said.”

Posted April 5, 2013