Orchestral life thriving in Singapore

Posted on: April 23, 2013

In Tuesday’s (4/23) Straits Times (Singapore; subscription required), Akshita Nanda writes, “The classical music scene here is striking a vibrant chord as new ensembles of professionals and amateurs offer concert-goers more options than before. To attract audiences, many are going beyond traditional repertoire. For its debut, the newly formed Metropolitan Festival Orchestra will be playing a live soundtrack to The Fellowship of the Ring movie at The Star Performing Arts Centre in June this year. Two decades ago, there was just the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and a few community orchestras, such as the Singapore Wind Symphony and Bradell Heights Symphony Orchestra. Now, Singapore is home to a dozen musical groups which are critically acclaimed here and overseas. Set up earlier this year, the Metropolitan Festival Orchestra joins a growing number of all-professional ensembles headline by freelance musicians as well as current members of the SSO. … Then there are recognised semi-pro orchestras of students and professional performers, such as The Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1998, and the five-year-old Orchestra of the Music Makers. … All this is happening against a backdrop of buoyant attendances at classical concerts. Even flagship orchestra SSO has had an infusion of new blood and wants to reach out to new audiences through live performances of film soundtracks.” For more, read “Letter From Singapore” in the Summer 2011 issue of Symphony.

Posted April 23, 2013