Sydney Symphony holds music workshops in local prison

Posted on: May 7, 2013

In Tuesday’s (5/7) Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Andrew Taylor writes, “You would be hard-pressed to find a more attentive and eager group of students than the 30 gathered in front of the Sydney Symphony’s fellows and their artistic director Roger Benedict. Hands shoot up as Benedict fires off questions about how the young musicians work together and each excerpt of Beethoven, Schubert and Sculthorpe they play is warmly applauded. … It is the first time many of the inmates at the South Coast Correctional Centre in Nowra have seen a performance of classical music. ‘That was real peaceful, it mellowed us out,’ one inmate says under the watchful gaze of a staff member from Corrective Services NSW. ‘We don’t really see this music, only what we see on TV, but that was amazing.’ … Benedict says the two-hour workshop followed by a concert in the afternoon was designed to show the inmates, who are in the jail’s Intensive Learning Centre, how classical musicians work with each other to prepare for a performance. ‘We were talking about the music, but we were also talking about the musicians and how they interact with each other, how they collaborate, how they work out and negotiate how they’re going to play a piece of music,’ he says.”

Posted May 7, 2013