Fans compete to be Muncie Symphony’s “Super Conductor”

Posted on: May 22, 2013

In Wednesday’s (5/22) Star Press (Muncie, Indiana), Ivy Farguheson writes, “The democratic process rarely gets as entertaining as it does during the Muncie Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Super Conductor’ competition. A combination of ‘American Idol,’ old Tammany Hall-style politics and the November elections, this ‘pay to play’ selection encourages the orchestra’s fans to stuff the ballot boxes—or online feeds—of their favorite candidate to lead the MSO during June’s Festival on the Green. Ivy Tech Community College Chancellor Andy Bowne, Muncie City Council at-large member Linda Gregory and Star Press reporter Michelle Kinsey are in the running for the big honor. And, believe it or not, they are in to win it. For the symphony. ‘I’ve been surprised at how competitive the three of them are! I’m always seeing things on Facebook about what they’re doing,’ said Alena McKenxie, the MSO’s executive director. … The basic premise is this: The candidates campaign for votes and the person with the most votes wins. Each vote is $1, hence the more money the candidate raises, the more money for the symphony. Along with bringing in the most dollars for the orchestra, the winner—the Super Conductor—also has the opportunity to lead the MSO while they perform their favorite piece.”

Posted May 22, 2013