Musician contract negotiations continue at Lexington Philharmonic

Posted on: May 28, 2013

In Sunday’s (5/26) Herald-Leader (Lexington, Kentucky), Mark Cornelison writes, “After more than a year of negotiations, the musicians of the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra have not signed a new contract, saying they are concerned about the direction of the group under music director Scott Terrell. The orchestra has received steady audience support and reviews that have been positive to glowing since Terrell took the baton in the summer of 2009. But musician representatives say they are troubled by diminishing performance opportunities and a perceived preference for hiring out-of-town musicians over local players with long histories with the Philharmonic. … In the last contract negotiations, in 2008, the musicians received a 12 percent pay raise. But musician representative Dave Shelton says that has been more than offset by fewer opportunities to perform for many of the musicians. … Philharmonic executive director Alison Kaiser says the size of the orchestra has not been reduced but acknowledges the number of musician services have decreased over the past few years … At the heart of the conflict that first became public in March is a tension between what the orchestra has been and where Terrell is taking it. Kaiser said the orchestra has been trying to innovate in its programming to appeal to broader audiences, a move that sometimes requires fewer musicians.”

Posted May 28, 2013