Pianos take over the streets of NYC

Posted on: June 18, 2013

An unsigned article at BroadwayWorld.com reports, “Sing for Hope pianos returned to the vibrant New York City streets beginning June 1. For two weeks, 88 pianos were available for everyone to enjoy in public spaces throughout New York City’s five boroughs in support of the NYC-based non-profit Sing for Hope and its mission to provide ‘access to the arts for all.’ … For many youth, playing one of the Sing for Hope pianos was the first time they’d ever touched a piano or been exposed to a live musical performance. In celebration of the project, Sing for Hope hosted impromptu concerts performed by volunteer musicians, as well as other public events throughout the two-week event.… Each of the 88 pianos was individually designed by local artists, students, volunteers and notable supporters of the arts.… Sing for Hope mobilizes more than 1,000 volunteers who donate time and talent to service programs that benefit schools, hospitals and communities throughout the year. Following the two-week summer event, the 88 pianos will be donated to New York City schools, hospitals and other organizations, wherein Sing for Hope will conduct year-round arts programming to enrich local communities.”

Posted June 18, 2013