Talking about the League and the St. Louis Symphony at the National Conference

Posted on: June 19, 2013

On Saturday (6/15), St. Louis Public Radio reported on Cityscape host Steve Potter’s conversation with League President and CEO Jesse Rosen and St. Louis Symphony President and CEO Fred Bronstein concerning the League’s National Conference in St. Louis this week. Rosen commented on the purpose of the League, saying, “ ‘We’re about helping symphony orchestras stay healthy and vital. There are many, many things, in fact most things, they can handle very much on their own, but there are some things that every orchestra needs a helping hand with, particularly in advocacy in Washington at the Federal level; leadership development to insure we’ve got a strong pipeline of talent coming into the field and advancing through the field; good knowledge and information about what is actually happening to orchestras, as well as wider contextual circumstances that have a bearing, an impact on orchestras.’ … For St. Louis Symphony President and CEO Fred Bronstein, the League of American Orchestras was his gateway to orchestra management. After many years playing in a chamber ensemble, he entered the League’s Fellowship program and, ironically, his first assignment in the Fall of 1995 was in St. Louis.… Rosen explained that the Conference will help orchestras explore how to adapt and thrive in the new landscape of the 21st century.”

Posted June 19, 2013