The price is right at Ravinia

Posted on: July 11, 2013

In Thursday’s (7/11) Chicago Sun-Times, Dorothy Andries writes, “Do you want the best bargain of the summer? Chicago Symphony Orchestra seats are only $25 all summer at the Ravinia Festival. The Ravinia Festival pavilion seats 3,400 and tickets for 2,500 of the 14 CSO concerts there will be sold for $25 each. That includes the Gala Benefit evening, starring piano superstar Lang Lang on July 27 and a concert version of Verdi’s Aida on Aug. 3. Called ‘2500 @ 25,’ tickets are available at Lawn tickets for these CSO concerts are $10 and free to students with IDs at the box office the night of the program. This is an astonishing price reduction, as CSO pavilion tickets at Ravinia cost as much as $80 per person. President and CEO of the Ravinia Festival, Welz Kauffman, said he was inspired to set the $25 price by this summer’s celebration of 25 years of Ravinia’s Steans Music Institute. ‘In this hectic world where so many cultural opportunities compete for audience time and money, we didn’t want price to be an obstacle to experiencing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia,’ Kauffman said. … The Chicago Symphony Orchestra will be at Ravinia from July 11 to Aug. 16.”

Posted July 11, 2013