Cleveland Orchestra’s new bassist gets settled in

Posted on: July 22, 2013

In Sunday’s (7/21) Plain Dealer (Cleveland), Zachary Lewis writes about double bassist Derek Zadinsky, the youngest member of the Cleveland Orchestra. “Until last year, life for bass player Derek Zadinsky was all about one thing: getting a job. Now his focus is different.… The 25-year-old artist is set now on self-improvement, bettering himself in hope of a long, fruitful and diverse career…. Item number one on Zadinsky’s to-do list, get a new instrument, already has been crossed off.… Zadinsky tried out for a seat in Cleveland, expecting nothing…. He made it to the final round.… However, no decision was made. He wasn’t hired, but he hadn’t been dismissed, either. Then came the call that would change his life: a request to join the Cleveland Orchestra as a substitute that fall on its 2011 European Tour…. His nervousness evaporated upon meeting the rest of the section, and other members of the orchestra. Never before had he encountered such a welcoming group of musicians, or a body so united in its focus on the ideal. ‘Perfection is almost impossible,’ Zadinsky noted. ‘But we all shoot for it, and what we end up with is excellence.’ ”

Posted July 22, 2013