Funding delay threatens budget of Indiana’s Carmel Symphony

Posted on: July 22, 2013

In Wednesday’s (7/17) Indianapolis Star, Dan McFeely reports, “Nearly four months ago, the Carmel City Council got the annual funding requests from 15 local arts organizations—a $707,000 wish list for public support that amounts to about 1 percent of the city’s budget. In mid-July, those requests still sit, waiting to be funded while the council and the mayor work out the city’s overall budget … The delay is starting to hurt Carmel Symphony Orchestra… ‘If the symphony cannot get at least a portion of their funding, they may have to cancel several concerts,’ said City Councilwoman Luci Snyder.… At a Council meeting Monday night, Snyder tried to push through a $105,000 payment to the symphony, which is roughly half of its request of $205,000. … Despite support from the seven-member council, the effort failed due to a technicality … Alan Davis, president and CEO of the Carmel Symphony, said Tuesday that he will not sign any pending contracts for musicians or other obligations until that funding is secure. But he does not think a two-week delay will cause any events to be canceled. ‘We are absolutely OK. That is not an issue for us at this point,’ said Davis. ‘I just won’t sign contracts yet.’ In October, the symphony kicks off its 38th season.”

Posted July 22, 2013


Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, Indiana, home to the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. Photo by Dominique King