How many musicians have left the Minnesota Orchestra?

Posted on: July 29, 2013

In Thursday’s (7/25) Minneapolis Post, Pamela Espeland writes about varying claims concerning the number of musicians who have resigned from the Minnesota Orchestra: “During the 10-month lockout, it hasn’t been easy to grasp the actual size of the orchestra—how many musicians are still here, how many have left or are leaving.” The article compares the number of departed musicians or open positions as determined by the musicians and by management, listing position, name of musician, and current status. The musicians’ list includes a total of 24 musicians who have resigned or are on leave. “According to the musicians’ website, ‘This list represents all current vacancies in the Minnesota Orchestra, including a few musicians whose departures occurred years before the lockout began. Some of these departing musicians were never replaced because of MOA’s reluctance and occasional outright refusal to schedule auditions to replace them.’ ” Orchestra spokesperson Gwen Pappas contests the claim that the orchestra’s complement had shrunk by so many: “ ‘The reality is that since Oct. 1, when the lockout began, two musicians have outright resigned and five have requested leaves of absence … Other than those seven positions, the complement of the orchestra is exactly what it was and has remained unchanged from last summer, when the orchestra played the last concert of the [2011-12] season.’ ”

Posted July 29, 2013