Changes in store for Hawaii Symphony Orchestra’s second season

Posted on: August 8, 2013

In an article posted Monday (8/5) at (Honolulu), Manolo Morales writes, “Last year was the inaugural year for the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. And while artistically, organizers say it hit all the right notes, financially it was still a struggle. So, there will be some changes. ‘It doesn’t mean cheapen it or anything of that sort. Expenses go down, income goes up. We find the right balance,’ Hawaii Symphony Orchestra President Steven Monder said … This year will be a total of 19 weeks, which includes [playing for] the opera and the Nutcracker Ballet. Last year’s season lasted 22 weeks.” For 2013-14, “Marketing strategy has also changed. They’re getting the word out two months earlier.” Morales notes that the Hawaii Symphony is the successor to the Honolulu Symphony, which filed for bankruptcy and played its final concert in December 2009. “With a new name and a new president who had success running the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Monder says [the Hawaii Symphony] will take time, but it will be successful. ‘We believe that what we’re presenting is an A-list of artists, terrific musicians on the stage, in a way that is sustainable for the community,’ Monder said.” 

Posted August 8, 2013