Buffalo’s school music programs to be partially restored

Posted on: August 14, 2013

In Tuesday’s (8/13) Buffalo News, Jill Terreri and Sandra Tan report that the city “has agreed to help restore the Buffalo Public Schools’ instrumental music programs, half of which were cut in the 2013-14 budget. The city will pay up to $400,000 to ensure that band and orchestra programs play on in the coming school year… Thirteen of the 14 schools affected by the cuts—and more than 2,000 students—will see some instrumental music instruction restored, but many of the schools will still see some reduction over last school year.… All told, the city is providing enough money to restore about five of the seven or eight positions that were cut.… The district may consider providing supplemental funding to restore more instrumental music programs than the city funding currently allows, said Superintendent Pamela C. Brown, who called the city’s contribution ‘great news’ for the district.… With the new funding in place, private music foundations that had originally threatened to pull their support from the district will no longer do so.… The funds represent a tenth of 1 percent of the city’s $377 million general fund.”

Posted August 14, 2013