New in D.C. metro area: a gamer symphony orchestra

Posted on: August 20, 2013

“It quickly became clear during Thursday night’s audition in Rockville that the musicians involved with the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra don’t see themselves as digital denizens from the land of pixels,” writes Tiffany Arnold in Monday’s (8/19) Gaithersburg Patch (Maryland). “Newly minted, the orchestra aspires to be a community ensemble of musicians who appreciate good music anywhere, even if it’s the soundtrack to a video game. ‘We can use this as a lever to make this a serious, accepted musical style,’ said conductor Nigel Horne. Horne, who has a degree in computer science, is the musical director of the Rockville Brass Band.” At a recent rehearsal, “Horne led the musicians through songs from Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Phoenix Wright. There were things that needed fixing, like times when there was too much legato and not enough staccato and having to determine they should ‘kill’ the cymbal crash in a particular part of a song—someone anonymously shouted ‘fatality,’ mimicking the phrase from Mortal Kombat and drawing chuckles…. Trumpet player Robert Garner, the symphony’s official spokesman … was once the president of University of Maryland’s gamer orchestra…. Garner said the orchestra hoped to have its first performance in spring 2014 somewhere in the Rockville region.”

Posted August 20, 2013