Columbus Indiana Philharmonic: “We’re experiencing a big resurgence”

Posted on: September 9, 2013

An unsigned Associated Press article posted Saturday (9/7) reads, “A southern Indiana orchestra that entered its 2010 season in the red because of lost sponsorships is enjoying a six-figure financial turnaround that its music director calls ‘unbelievable.’ The Columbus Indiana Philharmonic will use its $62,000 profit from last season to give its 80 musicians their first pay raise since 2008…. The orchestra also plans to consider programming bigger pieces it had trimmed before because of budget challenges. Music Director David Bowden attributes the improvement in the revenue picture to a $20,000 increase in ticket sales the past season, stronger fundraising and continuing efforts to trim expenses. He said a 25 percent increase in the number of students enrolled in the orchestra’s education programs also helped. ‘We are experiencing a big resurgence,’ Bowden said…. Philharmonic Executive Director Margaret Powers said new grants have helped the orchestra, along with concert ticket sales—including the first sellout of 1,100 seats in several seasons. Powers said she doesn’t expect another $62,000 profit for the upcoming season, which begins Sept. 21…. But Bowden said he and the staff will remain upbeat. ‘I’m very optimistic about the future,’ he said.”

Posted September 9, 2013