Local newspaper spotlights Meridian Symphony music director and principal players

Posted on: September 10, 2013

“Meridian Symphony Orchestra embarked on a new era Saturday night, introducing a new music director—Maestro Peter Rubardt—and a new season of music,” reads an unsigned article in Sunday’s (9/8) Meridian Star (Mississippi). “While the conductor is most visible during orchestra performances, there are other ‘principal’ players. Among the instrument groups and within each group of instruments, there is a generally accepted hierarchy. Every instrumental group (or section) has a principal who is generally responsible for leading the group and playing orchestral solos.” The article goes on to include complete bios for the new music director and its principal players: Jenny Gregoire, Concertmaster; Brian Cheesman, Principal Percussion; Sarah Crocker, Principal Harp; Charles Gates, Principal Trumpet; Jorge Iván González, Principal Second Violin; Sharon Lebsack, Principal Flute; Hsiaopei Lee, Principal Viola; Heild Lucas, Principal Horn; Marcos Machado, Double Bass, Principal; Patricia Malone, Principal Oboist; Wilbur Moreland, Principal Clarinetist; Laura Noah, Principal Timpanist; Richard Perry, Principal Tuba; Alexander Russakovsky, Principal Cello; Theresa Sanchez, Principal Keyboardist; Clifton Taylor, Principal Trombone; and Jon Wenberg, Principal Bassoon.

Posted September 10, 2013