Iranian soloist hopes to perform at world premiere by The Knights

Posted on: October 1, 2013

On Monday’s (9/30) Dartmouth (campus daily at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire), Yasmeen Erritouni reports that a performance this Friday at Dartmouth by the chamber orchestra The Knights is “relying on a diplomatic miracle of sorts for everything to go smoothly. Led by artistic director Eric Jacobsen, the orchestra is set to premiere its ‘Concerto for Santur and Violin,’ featuring Jacobsen’s brother and violinist Colin Jacobsen and Iranian [Persian stringed instrument] santur player Siamak Aghaei.… Aghaei, however, faces difficulty obtaining a visa to travel … given the current political tension between the United States and Iran. ‘As of this moment, we don’t know if Siamak is going to make it,’ Colin Jacobsen said.” The piece was commissioned by Dartmouth College’s Hopkins Center. “Leading up to Friday’s show, the Knights will visit classes including music professor Ted Levin’s ‘Global Sounds.’ ” The show on Friday “will be composed entirely of concerti grossi, interplays between a small group of soloists and the entire orchestra. The Knights will play their own ‘…the ground beneath our feet,’ an experimental … project written by several orchestra members. The dynamically different sections were sewn together, clashing and intertwining into one whole that should prove to be a fascinating listening experience, Jacobsen said.”

Posted October 1, 2013