New study to address state of the arts at Cincinnati-area schools

Posted on: October 30, 2013

“Some schools in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are chock full of arts programs,” writes Jessica Brown in Monday’s (10/28) Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio). “Others, not so much. The disparities in arts offerings at local schools, both inside and outside the classroom, are the subject of a new study by ArtsWave and the Greater Cincinnati Alliance for Arts Education. The study will be conducted over the next few months…. Its goal is to identify exactly where arts gaps exist in schools in the Cincinnati, Newport and Covington school districts. The final report will include those findings, and recommendations on how to fill those gaps…. The study is based on a model created by the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., that has been conducted in several school districts nationwide, including some in Ohio. Art is required at K-12 schools in Ohio and Kentucky but it’s up to the districts how to teach it. Offerings often vary school-to-school—and sometimes budget-to-budget. In the 32,000-student Cincinnati Public Schools, budget cuts a decade ago decimated music programs at many of the schools. The district is slowly rebuilding them. All schools now have full or part-time art and music teachers, said Julie Sellers, president of the teachers’ union.”

Posted October 30, 2013