Observing Milwaukee Symphony musicians at work

Posted on: November 21, 2013

An unsigned Wednesday (11/20) article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reads, “Seventy-five Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra musicians joined music director Edo de Waart and guest pianist Ingrid Fliter to play a matinee concert last Friday at the Marcus Center. That concert, featuring the music of Brahms, Chopin and contemporary composer Michael Ippolito, is one of 134 concerts the orchestra members are scheduled to play this year. MSO musicians are not unlike [football teams’] nose tackles (though much lighter on their feet): individually skilled enough to have won competitive auditions for their jobs, but committed to expressing their talents almost anonymously in service of the orchestra. The Journal-Sentinel’s Rick Wood photographed the musicians before, during and after the concert, with an eye toward capturing images of what their day’s work is like.” The article includes photo gallery with 22 photographs of MSO musicians pictured in typical activities such as carrying their instruments, tuning up, putting instruments away, and performing onstage with Music Director Edo de Waart.

Posted November 21, 2013