Opinion: Saving the charitable tax deduction

Posted on: November 26, 2013

In an opinion piece in Monday’s (11/25) Delaware Gazette (link unavailable), Warren Hyer, executive director of the Central Ohio Symphony, writes, “The Central Ohio Symphony developed [a] therapeutic drumming program in partnership with mental health and recovery services provider Maryhaven and the Delaware County Juvenile Court to help juveniles.… The program is a unique and valuable outlet that relieves stress, hastens recovery and develops a positive path for a young person’s future. It is so successful that the Symphony’s drumming program has been made a part of the treatment program now mandated by the courts.… As lawmakers in Washington, D.C. work to reform America’s tax code and address our fiscal crisis, America’s nonprofit sector faces a serious threat. Congress is considering limits on the charitable tax deduction—a proposition that would devastate the nonprofit sector millions rely on for services, jobs and support.… The Symphony’s therapeutic drumming program is funded 100% through charitable donations. Tax dollars are not involved. It is our gift to the community and we hope to be able to expand it to serve more in our community. …With the myriad of proposals to reform America’s tax code and fix our budget problems, surely there are better solutions than tampering with the charitable tax deduction.” Read Hyer’s complete article here.

Posted November 26, 2013