Slatkin: Broadening Detroit Symphony’s reach via internet broadcasts

Posted on: December 2, 2013

“The most important question American orchestras face is: How do we reach new audiences?” writes Leonard Slatkin in Tuesday’s (11/26) Huffington Post. “You all know the complaints: ‘The average age is increasing.’ ‘Classical music has little relevance today.’ ‘The economic market cannot sustain an orchestra.’ The list goes on, but in my hometown, we have found a way to buck the trend. After a six-month strike … the Detroit Symphony Orchestra [has] bounced back with new initiatives that have helped to address these concerns. One method in particular has been a boon for us: Internet broadcasting of virtually all of our subscription concerts … with very little outlay of cash resources.… How does this new technology help solve the so-called ‘crisis’? Clearly, the age of this audience is mostly younger. We know this through the comments we receive each week.…  A few weeks ago, we presented the American premiere of Cyborg by the Barcelona-based composer Ferran Cruxient.… Starting in January, we will have robotic cameras, which will provide us with more flexibility in the way viewers will see the orchestra…. Who knows what the next development with the global audience will be? Stay tuned.”

Posted December 2, 2013