Boston mayor-elect promises new arts and culture push

Posted on: December 5, 2013

“Martin J. Walsh won’t take office as Boston’s mayor until Jan. 6, but cultural leaders are eager to get started on a vision he outlined during the campaign, one in which ‘artists will have a true partner and advocate in City Hall,’ ” writes Geoff Edgers in Thursday’s (12/5) Boston Globe (subscription required). “In a recent interview, Walsh confirmed two key promises that form the cornerstone for his arts vision. The first: to create a Cabinet-level commissioner for arts and culture. The second: to devote a set percentage of city revenue to the arts—something done in other cities, but never in Boston.… This week, Walsh added 21 people to a working group meant to focus on arts and culture … [which] ranges from top officials at the Children’s Museum and Boston Symphony Orchestra to studio managers and art teachers…. Walsh doled out few specifics about his plans. How much city revenue will he devote to the arts? Where will the money come from? Walsh said he’s not sure yet. Those answers, he said, will come later. ‘I would love to put a percent on it today,’ he said, ‘but we want to wait and see what the budget is like.’ ” Among the arts leaders quoted in the article is Berklee College of Music President Roger Brown.

Posted December 5, 2013