Bolshoi conductor explains reasons for resignation

Posted on: December 6, 2013

Following the news on Monday (12/2) that Vassily Sinaisky has resigned as the Bolshoi Theatre’s music director, an unsigned article on Tuesday (12/3) at Voice of Russia (Moscow) includes a brief interview with Sinaisky, whose “letter of resignation was accepted by the Bolshoi’s director, Vladimir Urin.… Sinaisky said that he ‘felt a gap’ between him and Mr. Urin ‘more and more’ and ‘didn’t want there to be a real conflict…. According to the conductor, he started his work in Bolshoi with another general director of the theatre, Anatoly Iksanov: ‘We did our job hand in hand, and I was absolutely happy. Now, the new general manager—Mr. Urin—is a completely different person.… We have very different opinions about many musical things…. In his actions concerning music, our future, repertoire and so on … I felt a gap between us more and more and I didn’t want there to be a real conflict. So, I decided to leave the theatre,’ Mr. Sinaisky explained.” In July the Russian Ministry of Culture dismissed Anatoly Iksanov, who had served as the Bolshoi’s general director for thirteen years, just one in a series of scandals at that theater during the past year.

Posted December 6, 2013