Workgroup on Diversity & Inclusion—Sessions Begin December 17

Posted on: December 13, 2013

Andrés Tapia, an international expert on diversity and inclusion, will be one of several guest speakers at the League’s Diversity & Inclusion Workgroup designed for staff, board members, and musicians interested in promoting diversity and inclusion in their orchestras. Tapia will address the topic of cross-cultural competency and how it relates to individual orchestra’s efforts. Tapia is a leading voice in shaping a contemporary, next-generation approach to diversity and inclusion, and the author of the book The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and The Transformation of Global Diversity.

For further information and/or to register for these free sessions, email Jessica Balboni.

Dates and times for workgroup: December 17, January 21, February 18, March 18, April 15, May 13 and June 17, from 4 to 5pm EST.

Posted December 13, 2013