Opening the Concert Hall to Disadvantaged Children

Posted on: December 17, 2013

It’s not about the orchestra. It’s not about the hall. It’s not about the games and activities. It’s about the kids. Opening the Concert Hall to Disadvantaged Children shows youngsters who are among the most vulnerable in our community that beauty still exists and the mystery of classical music is not so mysterious after all. For more than eight years, the Committee of Professional Women (COPW), an Affiliate of the Los Angeles Philharmonic has donated tickets to youngsters residing in group homes to attend a performance of the LA Phil. These half-day events are presented eight times a year at Walt Disney Concert Hall and are a part of the LA Phil’s Symphonies for Youth concerts sponsored by Toyota. The concerts are dedicated to and designed for youngsters ages five to eleven.

COPW received a Gold Book Award from the League in 2008. Since that time, the number of tickets donated has increased 50 percent and in 2013 the program was expanded to include residents of domestic violence shelters. Mothers and their children are now able to attend a concert together—many for the very first time—to experience beautiful music in a safe and welcoming environment. After a significant cut in funding from a local civic group, the committee scaled its budget and cut expenses to ensure the continued growth of the program. Opening the Concert Hall to Disadvantaged Children is a cornerstone of COPWs mission.

For more information on this Gold Book Award winning project, please visit the Opening the Concert Hall to Disadvantaged Children on Gold Book Online. For other project ideas visit Gold Book Online and search for projects of interest to you. Gold Book Online is a resource for successful projects dating back to 2005, and facilitates easy networking and information sharing between organizations. Additional information about COPW can be found at

Posted December 17, 2013