Obituary: Helen Steineker, violinist and Montgomery Symphony manager, 60

Posted on: December 20, 2013

“A key player in the founding the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra has died. Helen Steineker, who also served as the longtime manager, passed away Tuesday following a battle with cancer,” writes Melissa Johnson on Wednesday (12/18) at (Montgomery, Alabama). “Steineker’s passing means more than an empty chair. She was a tireless behind-the-scenes worker. After leaving to perform abroad as a professional musician, she returned to Montgomery to manage the orchestra” in which she had served as a longtime violinist. “Her passion for music helped to build what is now a key part of Montgomery’s artistic community. Montgomery Symphony Maestro Thomas Hinds says Steineker will be remembered for her humble work ethic. ‘She did not build a career, she built an orchestra,’ Hinds said. ‘Nothing this woman did was about Helen Steineker. It was about what this group, this ensemble could do for this community.’ A tribute performance in Steineker’s memory is being planned.”

Posted December 20, 2013