Classical section eliminated at New York’s J&R music store

Posted on: January 7, 2014

On Monday (1/6) at, Brian Wise writes that New York’s J&R Computer World, “greeted shoppers in December with a sign announcing that its classical, jazz and world music floor was ‘closed for renovations.’ Online shoppers, meanwhile, would have had an even tougher shopping experience: In early December, J&R quietly removed the music retail store from its website without notice. Former employees, suppliers and industry watchers say that J&R has closed its classical music section for good, bringing to an end New York’s last brick-and-mortar record store with a dedicated classical section.… Current and former employees say that J&R held several rounds of layoffs over the past six months…. Along with music, J&R also sells computers, electronics and home appliances, amounting to a $25 million business…. To some, J&R was seen as a survivor, holding out several years after the closings of Tower Records, Virgin Megastore, HMV and other mega-chains that used to operate around New York City….  Brian Joosten, the senior director of Warner Classics North America [said] in an e-mail, … ‘This truly marks the end of the brick-and-mortar era–an era of which we all have many warm and nostalgic memories…. That said, we are excited about the future of classical retail–from online ordering, to digital downloads, to streaming services.’ ”

Posted January 7, 2014