Recipes for Success

Posted on: January 30, 2014

Encore Recipes is a collection of recipes from volunteers and musicians of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, with quotes about music and food interspersed among the recipes. Drawing from the Springfield and Bloomington-Normal communities in which the Illinois Symphony Orchestra regularly performs, this joint fundraiser brought the two communities closer together.

In fact, the cookbook project brought all the volunteers closer together. Many of the cookbook contributors had been inactive volunteers, and the cookbook project gave them a fresh opportunity to get involved.

The cookbook was very successful, selling about 1,000 copies and netting approximately $13,000. The printing cost was $7 per book, which was easily covered by the $20 sale price.

For more information on this Gold Book Award-winning project, visit Encore Recipes on Gold Book Online. For other project ideas, visit Gold Book Online. Gold Book Online is a resource for successful projects dating back to 2005, and facilitates easy networking and information sharing among organizations.

Posted January 30, 2014