Cleveland Orchestra, supporting its volunteer chorus

Posted on: February 7, 2014

“Taking Europe by storm is one thing. Doing so on your own dime is quite another,” writes Zachary Lewis in Friday’s (2/7) Plain Dealer (Cleveland). “And yet that’s exactly what the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus did, and will surely do again, thanks to benefit concerts like this Sunday’s ‘Valentine Tribute.’ ‘Whatever we can do, it’s so rewarding,’ said Cleveland Orchestra principal keyboardist Joela Jones, lead organizer of the event and a longtime advocate of the chorus…. Singing in the chorus is a voluntary occupation…. When the chorus gave over a week of its time last fall appearing to great acclaim with the orchestra in Frankfurt, Paris and Luxembourg, it did so at its own expense, using donations raised for the purpose over several years.… Recordings and other donation incentives provide a steady trickle, but full-blown concerts like this one, featuring Cleveland Orchestra musicians and a silent auction, produce a virtual tidal wave of support. Years ago, when Jones first got the idea to raise funds for the chorus, she did so by means of a solo recital. Nowadays, for her fifth such program, she’s got some help, to the tune of some 20 members of the orchestra. ‘It’s a wonderful gesture on the part of the musicians,’ noted [Cleveland’s chorus director, Robert] Porco.”

Posted February 7, 2014