Oklahoma City Philharmonic’s Levine to be honored for civic contributions

Posted on: April 7, 2014

An unsigned article in Tuesday’s (4/1) Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City; subscription required) reports that Oklahoma City Philharmonic Music Director Joel Levine is one of four individuals to be honored on May 13 by Downtown Oklahoma City Inc. “for their contributions to the downtown community at the 28th annual Dean A. McGee Awards…. Since he arrived in Oklahoma City in 1976 as music director for Lyric Theatre, Levine has taken an active role in the economic development of Oklahoma City. He worked actively for passage of MAPS 1”—a capital improvement program for new and upgraded sports, recreation, entertainment, cultural and convention facilities, funded by a 1 percent tax—“and played a key role in the renovation of the Civic Center Music Hall…. Levine will be given the Stanley Draper Award for his efforts in community excellence.” The other honorees are Mayor Mick Cornett, for lifetime contributions to the city; Oklahoman business writer Steve Lackmeyer, for newspaper reports, blogs, and books about downtown Oklahoma City; and Tapstone Energy CEO Tom Ward, for his efforts in revitalizing downtown’s Central Business District.

Posted April 7, 2014