Featured Resource: Critical Elements in Nonprofit Financial Statements

Posted on: April 10, 2014

Developed in association with the Nonprofit Finance Fund

This webinar is designed to increase the comfort of nonprofit managers and board members in reading and interpreting financial statements. Learn to balance your organization’s mission with its financial realities. You will receive a crash course on interpreting your financial statements to reveal the business underpinning your programs; follow a real-life nonprofit case study, with financial information drawn to demonstrate how the choices you make impact your organization’s financial health and viability; and review the use of financials in articulating your resource needs to stakeholders.

Free to League members; available on demand. To access this webinar, you must create an account and register on the Nonprofit Finance Fund website. Click here to register and view this webinar. (When registering, the group key is: metlife)

Posted April 10, 2014