Despite outside offer, principal cellist to remain at Minnesota Orchestra

Posted on: April 17, 2014

In a story posted 4/16 (Wednesday) on (Minnesota Public Radio), Euan Kerr writes, “While the larger question of whether conductor Osmo Vanska will return as Minnesota Orchestra music director is still open, another question troubling Minnesota Orchestra fans has been resolved: Principal Cellist Tony Ross will remain with Minnesota.… ‘I turned down the Lyric Opera of Chicago,’ he said this morning before a special Symphonic Adventures concert at South High School in Minneapolis. Ross has been at the Minnesota Orchestra for a quarter century and is an audience favorite. He said he and his wife have decided to stay.” The cellist was “prominent as a musicians negotiating committee member during the 16-month lockout. His forceful attacks on management policies led to him being known to some as ‘the angry cellist,’ a moniker he laughs about now. Meanwhile, Vanska confirmed he is continuing to negotiate with the Minnesota Orchestral Association about a possible return.”

Posted April 17, 2014