Local funding for upstate New York’s Artpark in question

Posted on: April 21, 2014

An unsigned opinion piece in Saturday’s (4/19) Buffalo News states that funding for Artpark, a nonprofit summer music festival that presents groups including the Buffalo Philharmonic, is under fire. Town of Lewiston “Supervisor Dennis J. Brochey recently presented the Town Board with a set of numbers that added up to nearly $2 million of town money that has been used to help fund Artpark over the past 11 years. Brochey’s obligation is to the town’s taxpayers, which he feels get somewhat neglected when town resources are directed to Artpark.” Lewiston faces several financial concerns, and “therefore, he indicated that he wants to stop paying … and have Artpark cover the cost of police protection.… The supervisor said that each year the town gives Artpark $120,000.… But the consequences of redirecting that money must be carefully considered.… Artpark officials say more than 220,000 people attended programming in 2013, with an economic impact of $10.7 million.… Brochey’s concerns are real, but they should be addressed in a process that allows both parties to come to a reasonable agreement and in a time frame that does not create any unpleasant surprises that could harm this regional tourist attraction.”

Posted April 21, 2014