Survey explores U.S. audiences and the cultural experience

Posted on: April 28, 2014

Culture Track 2014, a qualitative and quantitative survey of attitudes and behaviors of U.S. cultural audiences, has released its findings this week in a presentation New York City at the TimesCenter. The survey included 4,026 culturally engaged people, age 18 and up, from all 50 states. Among the survey’s findings are: the percentage of people visiting museums and attending performances has risen since 2011, but frequency of attendance has dropped; nearly 80 percent of survey respondents reported that their definitions of “cultural activity” included food and drink and visiting a public park; high cost and unappealing subject matter remained the two principal reasons for choosing not to attend an activity; 28 percent of survey respondents said they would not attend a cultural event if they had to go alone; and 90 percent of performing arts audeinces did not hold any subscriptions. This is the sixth time the Culture Track study has been conducted since 2001. More information about the study is available at

Posted April 28, 2014