Greenwood’s “There Will Be Blood,” with composer performing

Posted on: May 7, 2014

“Jonny Greenwood, the lead guitarist for Radiohead who has been devoting himself in recent years to experimental orchestral music—an interest he developed as a teenage violist—will join the Wordless Music Orchestra in September for a concert performance of his ‘There Will Be Blood’ film score,” writes Allan Kozinn in Wednesday’s (5/7) New York Times. “The performances, on Sept. 19 and 20 at the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, will include a full screening of the 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson film, with the orchestra playing the score live. (Besides the sections composed by Mr. Greenwood, the score includes music by Arvo Pärt and Brahms.) Mr. Greenwood will be on hand—not to conduct (Ryan McAdams is doing that) or to play viola, but to play the ondes martenot, an electronic instrument that produces an eerie sound similar to that of a theremin. Mr. Greenwood has used the instrument on Radiohead recordings; classical music fans will know it mostly from works by Olivier Messiaen, whose music Mr. Greenwood has described as an early influence (along with the Pixies).”

Posted May 7, 2014