Denver raises legal concerns about “Classically Cannabis” concerts

Posted on: May 9, 2014

“The Colorado Symphony Orchestra may rethink its plans for headline-grabbing, bring-your-own-pot performances after Denver city officials Thursday delivered a major buzzkill,” write Jon Murray and Ray Mark Rinaldi in Friday’s (5/8) Denver Post. “In the city’s view, the trio of fundraising concerts risk violating state and city laws barring public consumption of marijuana. The series, scheduled for the Space Gallery in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, will kick off May 23. A hand-delivered letter prepared by city attorneys, along with licensing and police officials, urges the CSO to cancel the concerts.… The city’s stance has the CSO reviewing its plans, announced last week, for ‘Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.’ The CSO said in a statement that it ‘takes the issues raised by the city of Denver very seriously.’ ‘We’re reviewing the issues with our legal team,’ the CSO said. ‘When the Colorado Symphony accepted support from the legal cannabis industry—as a means of supporting our financial operations and connecting with a culturally diverse audience—we believed we did so in full compliance with the law.’ … The other two concerts in the ‘High Note Series’ are set for July 18 and Aug. 15.”

Posted May 9, 2014