Lockhart hits 20-year mark at Boston Pops

Posted on: June 30, 2014

“Next year will mark Keith Lockhart’s 20th anniversary as music director and principal conductor of the Boston Pops,” writes Juliet Pennington in Sunday’s (6/29) Boston Globe. “He has played with countless musical ensembles around the globe…. We caught up with Lockhart to talk about all things travel.… Q: Where would you like to travel to but haven’t? A: Polynesia, Scandinavia, St. Petersburg—Russia, that is—the Galápagos, and the southern part of Africa. Q: One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? A: My iPod. There’s always new music to be working on. Q: Best travel tip? A: To minimize jet lag, jam yourself into your new time zone as quickly as possible—on the flight over if possible. No half measures, and no naps! I’m not just sightseeing—I have to be on the podium with an orchestra made up of musicians who speak a different language than I do, so I have to have my wits about me. Also, to maximize enjoyment, get out of the hotel and try to be a part of the life of your chosen destination. Don’t just see the sights, but make sure that by the time you leave for home, you really know what it feels like to be there!”

Posted June 30, 2014