Remembering Rudel’s time at the Buffalo Philharmonic

Posted on: July 10, 2014

“Since the passing last week of Julius Rudel, who was music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra from 1979 to 1985, people have been coming forward with memories of the maestro,” writes Mary Kunz Goldman in Saturday’s (7/5) Buffalo News (New York). “His six-year tenure, though substantial, was not that long.… And yet Rudel was a crucial figure in the orchestra’s history.… He helped the orchestra onto an even keel, and launched it on the path that led to its present stability.” The article includes a list of “10 memorable Rudel moments,” among them: “In Buffalo in 1980, Rudel rejoiced in the warmth he found in Buffalo. News critic John Dwyer wrote: ‘The Vienna-born maestro is surprised and pleased at being recognized on Buffalo streets.… “I had to call the phone company about something,” he said, “and when I gave my name the operator told me how glad she was that I had come to Buffalo. Porters at the airport single me out and call me by name. I didn’t expect this, really, on arriving in a new city. But it’s very warming, and makes me and my wife feel at home.” ’ ”

Posted July 10, 2014