Conductor guarantees orchestra fees for Proms concerts in Wales

Posted on: July 11, 2014

“The conductor of the annual Welsh Proms will have to pay the orchestra fees for this year’s event in Cardiff himself unless most of the tickets are sold,” reports Huw Thomas on Wednesday’s (7/9) BBC. “Owain Arwel Hughes is having to act as guarantor for three of the festival’s four orchestral concerts after Cardiff council cut its funding. The authority said it was facing a ‘period of severe financial restraint.’ Mr. Hughes said his promise to cover any shortfall in ticket sales was the only way to ensure the event took place. Earlier this year Cardiff council announced it would no longer back all four Proms concerts, and would only continue to fund the Last Night of the Proms, saving £30,000. The conductor, who founded the Welsh Proms in 1986, said he was taking a ‘gamble’ by completely guaranteeing one concert, and helping to guarantee two others. Mr. Hughes admitted his role as guarantor could end up costing him dearly.… He would not reveal how much the decision could cost him, but said he needed ‘good audiences’ to avoid making a personal loss.” The Welsh Proms, which begin on July 19, are not connected to the BBC Proms in London.

Posted July 11, 2014