New orchestras at this year’s Proms—from Turkey to Singapore

Posted on: July 24, 2014

In Wednesday’s (7/23) Guardian (London), Imogen Tilden interviews members of some of the orchestras making their BBC Proms debuts: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (bassist Sylvia Hosking); Iceland Symphony Orchestra (clarinetist Arngunnur Arnadottir); Armonia Atenea (violinist Otilia Alitei); China Philharmonic Orchestra (cellist Yunpeng Zhao); Qatar Philharmonic (cellist Kirill Bogatyrev); Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra (percussionist Amy Salsgiver-Dorsay); Singapore Symphony Orchestra (violinist Lynette Seah); Lapland Chamber Orchestra (violinist Riikka Silvonen); and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra (violist Dale Kim). “Ten or 20 years ago many of these countries now boasting world-class ensembles barely even had an orchestra,” writes Tilden, who asked the players to “tell us about the role the orchestra plays in their country’s cultural life.” Violinist Otilia Alitei stated: “There is not a big tradition for classical music in Greece, but I think in the last year we’ve brought a new public to our concerts. We play any kind of music—operetta, opera, 19th and 20th century, contemporary. Even jazz, maybe once a year. Here they have a tradition more for romantic opera, bel canto, but not so much 17th century music. So we started a baroque project, and in the last year have recorded five CDs. For the Proms, we’re presenting music inspired by Greek mythology.”

Posted July 24, 2014