Georgia’s Rome Symphony may close

Posted on: July 28, 2014

In Sunday’s (7/27) Northwest Georgia News, Severo Avila writes, “The 92-year-old Rome Symphony Orchestra, which has provided musical entertainment to Rome residents for almost a hundred years may close its doors soon if the community doesn’t come to its rescue. ‘At the present rate, if we don’t see more attendance and support I’d say this is the last year the symphony can operate,’ said symphony executive director Debra Cook…. ‘We drew on remaining reserves. And we have had to cut costs….’ Cost-cutting measures include reducing the number of concerts from six to three. The organization has also stepped up its fundraising efforts…. But financial goals are not being met and expenses have increased. They’ve cut administrative costs as well.… The organization also provides scholarships for young local musicians and is working with Rome and Floyd County schools to offer concerts just for local schoolchildren. ‘There are those who say they don’t listen to orchestral music so they wouldn’t attend a symphony concert,’ Cook said. ‘But I remind my children and grandchildren that that type of music is all around them…. Even big action movies they love have orchestral music. With no music, would “Spiderman” be as good?’ ”

Posted July 28, 2014