Kobe Bryant really, really likes Beethoven

Posted on: August 8, 2014

“Basketball star Kobe Bryant has revealed his line of new trainers for Nike, entitled Kobe 9 Elite Low Beethoven’,” writes Daniel Ross on Thursday (8/7) at ClassicFM. “The shoes are the latest in a long line designed by Nike and Bryant, but as yet these are the first to show any kind of classical influence. Described by Nike as ‘Bryant’s most innovative shoe to-date…. As for the name, the inspiration for the shoes apparently came from the composer’s Symphony No. 9 in particular: ‘The Kobe 9 Elite Low Beethoven pays tribute to the German composer and pianist, and more specifically the power of his Ninth Symphony from the early 1800s. The grey color … represents Beethoven’s timeless quality.’ It’s not the first time, though, that Bryant has declared his love for Beethoven. Himself a keen learning pianist, Bryant has previously stated that he finds the composer’s Moonlight Sonata especially relaxing. He also appeared in an advert for Lenovo playing Beethoven on the piano.”

Posted August 8, 2014