Classical gems from the “New Yorker” archives, free for now

Posted on: August 13, 2014

On Tuesday (8/12) at NPR’s Deceptive Cadence blog, Anastasia Tsioulcas writes, “Last month, The New Yorker announced that it was teasing a new ‘freemium’ version of its website (which launches this fall) with an alluring proposition. All of its most recent pieces, plus the full archives back to 2007 and some even older selections, are free for the rest of the summer. So we took this opportunity to dig up some delicious classical music-minded pieces from the magazine’s archives. They’re perfect long reads for a lazy August afternoon.” Tsioulcas singles out editor in chief David Remnick’s 2008 profile of pianist Lang Lang; Boston Globe critic Jeremy Eichler’s 2012 piece about violinist Christian Tetzlaff; Alex Ross’s 2013 profile of mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato; D. T. Max’s 2011 article about pianist Hélène Grimaud; and Jeremy Denk’s 2013 essay “Every Good Boy Does Fine,” subtitled “A life in piano lessons.”

Posted August 13, 2014