League advocates for orchestras on multiple fronts

Posted on: September 4, 2014

In Tuesday’s (9/2) Nonprofit Times, Mark Hrywna writes about the work being done by representatives of several national nonprofit organizations, including Heather Noonan, vice president of advocacy at the League of American Orchestras. “While legislation might not be getting completed on the Hill or culminating in new statutes, there’s a lot of activity on draft policies or work on the committee level, according to Heather Noonan of the League of American Orchestras (LAO). She said she finds herself at committee hearings or agencies as varied as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife, representing LAO and its … members. In addition to the primary focus on funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, arts education, and nonprofit tax policy, LAO has addressed policy issues including immigration (securing non-immigrant work permits for visiting musicians); new rules about elephant ivory (small amounts used decades ago on the bows of some string instruments); and, issues related to traveling with instruments in the cabins of airplanes. ‘Sometimes colleagues who are advocates for other areas are surprised to see orchestras in the mix,’ Noonan said.” Nonprofit Times is the leading business publication for nonprofit management.

Posted September 4, 2014