New contract at Lexington Philharmonic

Posted on: September 23, 2014

In Kentucky, management and musicians of the Lexington Philharmonic have ratified a new contract that runs through June 30, 2018, following negotiations that began in April and continued following the expiration of the previous contract on June 30, 2014. The new contract provides a modest increase in wage scale and stepped increase in mileage reimbursement; procedures for auditions, peer review, substitute engagement, and electronic media were also clarified.  It also provides guaranteed services to Lexington Philharmonic member musicians, with a minimum attendance stipulation. Joe McGrannahan, president of the Lexington Musicians Association, Local 554-635, American Federation of Musicians, stated, “We wish to thank the members of the Lexington Philharmonic Board for their professionalism during the negotiations. We also thank the Orchestra Committee, headed by Dave Shelton, lead negotiator, as well as the American Federation of Musicians.” Scott King, president of the Lexington Philharmonic Society Board of Directors, said, “We are very pleased to make this announcement as we open our 2014-2015 season and look forward to an artistically exciting and strategically productive new season.”

Posted September 23, 2014