League’s New Story Bank: Showcasing the Impact of Orchestras

Posted on: November 19, 2014

How do orchestras affect and serve their communities? The League’s new online Story Bank, launched this week, is a public resource showcasing first-person perspectives on the powerful impact of orchestras. A regularly updated array of videos, articles, and infographics show the many ways in which orchestras serve communities, spotlighting the voices of musicians, families, and care-takers.

What’s on the Story Bank right now?
•    A specialist discusses how Hartford Symphony Orchestra musicians help patients with dementia.
•    Parents describe how Allentown Symphony Orchestra’s El Sistema Lehigh Valley program directly affected their kids’ behavior and grades
•    A music therapist talks about how a teen cancer patient was motivated by Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra musicians.
•    Students describe how the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory’s Community Opus has improved their lives.
•    Seattle Symphony musicians, Native artists, and Seattle-based composer Janice Giteck provide an in-depth look at Seattle Symphony’s collaborative Native Lands Community Composition project and the Potlatch Symphony.

The Story Bank is the perfect place to point donors, press, and the public, as well as a resource for orchestras ramping up their community work.

Click here for the League’s new Story Bank, and don’t forget the League’s Public Value Toolkit, available to all members. Please contact publicvalue@americanorchestras.org with any questions.

Posted November 19, 2014