Colorado Public Radio to discontinue Colorado Symphony broadcasts

Posted on: November 25, 2014

“Colorado Public Radio and the Colorado Symphony have ended a 15-year partnership, putting an end to all concert broadcasts for the remainder of the season,” write Corey Jones and Megan Arellano on Thursday (11/20) at Colorado Public Radio’s website. “The separation comes after disagreements over a proposal sent last week from the symphony to increase its control over the Symphony-related content on the radio.” Colorado Symphony CEO Jerry Kern said the orchestra “will consider alternative partners and platforms for delivering its content.” “For many public radio stations providing classical music, partnerships with their area orchestras are a long-standing tradition. The relationship between Minnesota Public Radio and the Minnesota Orchestra spans more than a decade.… Jenny Northern, who manages WCLV in Cleveland, Ohio, said the station doesn’t pay the Cleveland Orchestra for the concerts featured in radio broadcasts…. The Cleveland Orchestra sees their collaboration as ‘part public service, part public awareness,’ explains general manager Jennifer Barlament…. New York Philharmonic executive director Matthew VanBesien tells CPR that the organization tries to give rights to classical station WQXR, so the station can use content like artist interviews however it sees fit. ‘It’s about recognizing that we each have our own separate set of objectives,’ he said.”

Posted November 25, 2014